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Travel time today!

I'm not done packing, but I don't leave until later this afternoon anyway. I started packing, but I'm not very good at it, so I took a break. Trying to figure out exactly how much clothing I need for X ammount of days, what I want to wear, and what I might need is always frustrating for me. I don't like the idea of running out of clothing, or having some sort of spill or accident or somthing and needing a change, so I always bring extra. Then, I can't decide what I'm going to feel like wearing on any given day, so I pack extras to choose from. I'll be away from home for 5 days, which means I bring 5 sets of everything, and then X ammount of extras. This is where I usually go bonkers and bring half of my closet, though.

I know I could have cut down a huge volume of my luggage if I brought just a small ammount of makeup, but I couldn't decide what to bring, so I'm bringing it all. I have enough time to finish packing.. I really should pare things down and limit myself to the big black bag.. not the big black bag+ 3 small bags. But you see.. each small bag has a theme!

*Metallic pink= All Prescriptives brand lip products
*Black& green= All Prescriptives eye products
*White with logo= All Prescriptives foundation/toning/prep products

The big black case has my Urban Decay eye shadow pallate, and everything else that's not prescriptives. I actually went through it and got rid of a ton of old stuff the other day. I wanted to start packing two days ago, but I ended up cleaning the bathroom instead. I did sort the makeup and throw away all old mascara, eye liner, pencils that were short and stubby, cremes, shadows, etc that I don't use. I got rid of stuff that was multiple years old, and now I have 2 tubes of prescriptives mascara and one purple mascara. I don't need more than that. I'm a sucker for eye and lip stuff, though. I trashed 4-5 liquid eye liners in various colors that wern't very liquid anymore, but I kept over half a dozen that were still creamy XD I actually don't have that many tubes of lipstick. Just tons of gloss XD

I suppose I could take out everything I didnt' think I'd wear in the next week, and somehow make it all fit in one case. It would most certainly leave a huge mess in the bathroom until I came back, though. Maybe I should go and buy one of those really big boxy caboodles, and just use the black vinyl with straps to travel. Then I wouldn't have to mess around with alll these tiny makeup pouches.

That aside, I just need to pack the bathroom bag and any jewelry. I bought some new bangles from Lane Bryant when I went hunting for a jacket. I'll probably bring those, some earrings, etc. Not too much there, either.. so it'll have to be pretty tame so I can wear it with everything. Not sure I'll be able to pass up the psychadellic beta fish, though...

Edit: OH YEAH!

I totally kicked ass at housework yesterday. Hoarder senses tingling, I found a hoarder special on MSNBC and it made me super motivated! I got all the laundry& dishes done, got all the trash taken out, and took care of tardo's litter box. I'm leaving with a clean house. I'll come back on Sat, and I'm sure the place will be mysteriously trashed :P


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