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Domo arigatou (Mr Roboto?)

Well.. This one probably would have sat around for another day or so had you guys not encouraged me to work on it... so here's today's progress. I was distracted by somthing shiny again (Damn it all) so I didn't exactly finish it. I'm seriously thinking about inking and coloring this one. So.. I probably shouldn't have put all that work into shading his head... Or maybe I'll just get lazy and finish his torso. The legs are skewed at a funny angle, so I figured I'd make him a little ghostie and make his legs cloudy and insubstantial. That's kind of why I wanted to ink it and then color it with watercolors.. ohh.. but watercolors are tricky.. Do I dare risk ruining this one by attempting to color it??

And here's a close-up


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