HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Gearing up for NYC

I am SO tired of my fingernails chipping off in weird ways. It's been bad ever since the winter. I'm convinced it's a combination of diet, hydtration, and the daily paces I put my fingers through. I keep forgetting to take my daily vitamin, so that isn't helping at all either. I've been using a cuticle/nail oil for the past month, and it seems to help when I remember to keep up with it. Since I spend most of the days cleaning, I wash my hands a TON, though, and that contributes to the nail drying problem more than the oil aleviates it. Plus, since I'm cleaning a lot, the nails get bent, snag on stuff, etc, and I'm always trimming and filing them after I say.. catch a paring knife on one, etc. whoops!

So, I got my nails done! I'm so excited. I haven't had a full set like this since I got married. Having someone file the hell out of the top of them doesn't help the nail health at all, but they can't chip off if somthing is cemented to the top of them :P Plus, Since the falsies cover the nail completely, they can't get dinged up while I'm cleaning. I got some new "solar nail" which is just a fancy term for glitter& color being inside the acryllic compound. So, they look fabulous all the time without the polish chipping off. hooray!

I've been talking to people I know in that area and trying to goad someone into going to the MET with me. I told my dad about the trip, and he was less that excited. I think he's just doing the protective dad thing, but everyone else I've talked to has sais that it's a very bad idea for me to go out on my own while I'm up there, and to practice the buddy system and all that crap. I respect and understand that, so I'm probably going to get this crazy Polish dude I know from a Warcraft guild I was in 5 years ago to go with me, since he lives in the city and we've kept in touch.

I decided I needed some fashionable jackets/blazers to wear so I'd have some dress options for multiple temperatures, but I've had a bit of difficulty there. They arn't really in season, so I can't find crap. The stuff in the misses' department won't fit me, which limits my shopping options severely. I bought a black blazer with 3/4 length sleeves& hem at Lane Bryant, and it's pretty nice. I wanted to try to find somthing in a khaki/brown/some amazing colorful pattern, but I could't find anything anywhere else. Lane Bryant only has that one style of jacket... in 4 colors :/ The options were nice, but I wasn't going to shell out a ton of cash to have the same exact jacket in multiple colors.

My trek also led me to Khols. They didn't have anything at all, but I got out of there with another pair of jeans so that I wouldn't wear the same pair the whole trip. I also putzed around Ross for a while. The jacket selection was tiny and also fairly scary. I could have had one in blazing bright orange, or any selection of colorful old lady suit. Pass. I did pick up a new purse there. They had a large selection of discounted name-brand bags, and I got a semi-attractive black leather Nine West bag from 15$ (marked down from the 72$ it was probably selling for in the Nine West store 5 years ago or whatever) I got really excited because I found a really cute Harajuku Lovers tote, and it appeared to be 13.99, but the sticket was sliding around, and it was really 31. Boo! I didn't need a tote, but for 14 bucks, I could have had somthing with a bunch of chibi Gwen Stefanis dressed in cat costumes. No big loss.

I did pick up a fashionable looking cardigan. And by fashionable, I mean "shapeless, and everyone looks like a hobo on the runway anyway" cardigan. It's pretty great. :X I also found a ruffled tank that will look good under the jacket.. or with the cardigan.. or with jeans if I'm feeling brave, etc. hooray for versitility! It's a shame versitility's button came loose while I was trying to get my new fingernails around it in the dressing room. I'll have to sew it back later :P

I need to remember to pack an umbrella with me. The weather channel doesn't go quite far ahead enough to see the trip, but from what I caught the other day, the weather is going to be all over the place while I'm there.


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