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No new pictures yet. I was planning on showing off the undershirt, since I just finished the sleeves, but now I am mad at the top :/

While I've used that sleeve before, and I thought I measured& cut everything properly, the sleeves have somehow turned out two inches too short along the top, but fine along the bottom. I'm trying to think of ways to ghetto-fix it without having to re-cut the sleeves. Because seriously? I don't have enough fabric. I did a great job of only buying what I needed for this one. I'm wondering if I can somehow inconspicuously cut a cap for the top of the sleeves or somthing, so I can avoid having to re-gather/re-elastic/re-hem/re-whatever the bottoms. gaaaah. (I know the answer is no, so I was thinking about dropping the shoulders on the shirt itself, but I'd have to add in some black fabric or somthing, because I can't have yellow poking out of the red shirt. boo!)

It even crossed my mind that maybe I sewed them on backwards.. and the wrist cuff is supposed to be the arm scythe.. which would be hilarious if it were true... but it's not XP I've sewn this sleeve too many times to confuse it. How frustrating!

(Even more frustrating- trying to get stuff done and not play with new shiny ipad toy)


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