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Cosplay progress

My underlayer for Rita is almost done! Today I spray painted the right shoe gold, cut a leg off the white leggings I bought, and sewed the yellow top and black sleeves. I needed to modify a kimono pattern to accomodate western style sleeves, but still have the same folding front, etc as a kimono top. I also learned that if you are out of interfacing, using a single layer of heat-n-bond on a neckband makes it really stiff and awesome when you fold it down and stick it to itself.

I wasn't able to finish the top today, even though I was on a roll. I am le sad :(
It turns out I am completely out of thin black elastic. I also realized I don't have the yellow ribbon I need for the right sleeve. I was getting so much done today, and it was really dissappointing that I couldn't finish that top. Matt has been driving the hell out of my cute little car, taking it to and from work, so I didn't have it today to go to the fabric store. If I had been able to get out and get the two things I needed, I think I could have had that top done today. I had thought about sewing the channel for the elastic into the cuffs of the sleeves, but I didn't want to do it until I actually HAD the elastic. I'm sure I would have accidentally sewn the channel way too small, or unnessesarily large or somthing.

Tomorrow after Matt comes home from work, I'll steal my car back and get the ribbon& elastic, finish my shirt, and maybe work on the red jacket or my boot covers or somthing.

To Do list:

~Elastic in sleeves
~Add some black material to sleeve caps and re-sew sleeves.. QQ
~Yellow ribbon around right sleeve
~Make black right bootcover with red clasps
~Make red left thigh-high bootcover with yellow stripes
~Sew red jacket
~Add blocking to jacket
~Make 3 yellow pockets for jacket
~Sew obi with lots of D-rings hanging off the bottom to attach props
~Make red/black book cover for prop journal
~Make a gigantic brown ass-book prop
~Make ass-book straps
~Style wig
~Make gold choker with red gem

Huh.. it seemed like less to do in my head.
Tags: cosplay, rita, sewing


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