HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

95 hours!

I finally finished the damned thing... on Neutral.

I really shouldn't work on Law/Chaos playthroughs. I should go sew and make a costume. Yup.
I shouldn't pull out a different game I haven't beaten yet and play on that save file either. Nope.

I need to make two tops and two different shaped boot covers and have a costume.
My wig still hasn't shown up yet, but I'm not too worried. I was kind of worried about it until Friday... then we went out and came back and found a delivery slip in the mailbox -..-
So, tomorrow I'll have to go pick it up and hope it's what I need. The style looked really similar to what I wanted, but my head is bigger than the display heads, so I may end up having to add some extensions if it looks too short on me.

I got a major project finished yesterday not involving costumes or videogames, though! I cleaned out both dressers and the closet and got three huge bags of old clothing ready for Goodwill. About 3+ years ago, I sent off a bunch of stuff that we just didn't wear, stuff that didn't fit either of us anymore, etc. I got rid of anything that still fit that I hadn't worn in at least 3-4 years, and I even threw away a few holy things.

This year, I did much of the same. There were hardly any garments left that just didn't fit, since we got rid of pretty much all of it the first time around. I somehow found a few more jammed in cubby holes in the back of the closet, though. There was a lot of crap back there. After I emptied a bunch of those out, I was able to get a lot of my shoes up off the ground and in places where they were less likely to get dusty as hell. I'm pretty happy with the progress I made. I also managed to get a lot of the top shelf cleared out. All in all, it produced about 1 bag of pure trash and 3 bags of good clothing for Goodwill.

I did find some exceptions to my clothes-purging rules, though. I found an awesome stash of 80's T-shirts that Matt used to wear in highschool that fit me and I will not toss :X The 80's have come back, so I'm sure someone would have loved that Whitesnake shirt, or the Max Headroom/coke shirt. Noway. That's mind now D: I threw away a Motley Crew shirt with a few amazing holes in it, though. Oh well!
Tags: cleaning, smt, strange journey, video games


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