HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

New car new car!

We have become proud mini owners! It's a 2010 Mini cooper clubman S. That means it's a little bit longer than a regular mini, has a lot more room for the backseat passengers, more trunk storage, etc. It's not a hatchback, but has what they call "barn doors" in the back. There's also a third door on one of the sides to help people get in and out of the back seat a little more easily.

The color is British Racing Green, and there are black& white racing stripes on the hood. The roof is black, and this particular model includes the roof rails. We have the option of purchasing a luggage rack, or even a little storage pod to go on the top, so that's pretty cool. It came with a ton of features, and it handles really well. It's got so much more power than the cruiser! I'm going to miss that car, but this one is so much more fun.

I means to post photos earlier, but I forgot to take some on the lot, and it's been raining like crazy here, so I haven't had the chance to snap any. But here you go. The one good picture Matt got of the whole car has me looking the other way! whohoo! Please disregard the neighbor's house? hah!

Blah.. I think I made a flikr account, but I can't seem to access it because I think I forgot all the info! whoops! I guess you get tiny photobucket pictures. :X





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