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Dusting in the spare bedroom uncovers strange things

I decided to see if there were any other piles of old crap that could be thrown away to make the room a little less cluttered.

When we eventually re-do the living room, I'll probably end up putting my hot Pier1 entertainment rack (that I use for a tall coffee table.. lol) in that bedroom against the wall. We have two old tables in there right now that arn't all that attractive, but were sorely-needed hand-me-downs when we moved in. Eventually, we'll get rid of them.

Before that, the junk has to go!

I haven't been able to bring myself to sell my awesome wing-flapping Sailor Moon Pegasus plush, but there's tons of other crap piling up that I don't nessesarily need anymore. I kind of hate just throwing things away, but yesterday was Sunday, and Sunday is the day the hoarder shows play on TLC. Those always motivate me so much!! I fucking love those hoarder shows.


Lots of old books so far. I did find a small carrying case for cassette tapes, though. They are filled with old recordings of Dr. Demento shows. Sitting on top of them was a 1962 Don McMahon baseball card. WTF (It's not really worth anything, but seriously. WTF.)

You wouldn't believe the pile of old windows '95 crap I threw away last time I went adventuring in that room. I am determined, though! I will bring a trash bag in with me, and I will fill it with... somthing!


Crap! I just realized that according to the nerd law of golden mean that kinomakoto mentioned earlier, I am obligated to buy a copy of the Planet of the Apes remake, since I have damned near all Tim Burton movies. :/


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