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80 hours into Strange Journey... And I have finally reached the last boss!

But I got one-shotted because I was wearing armor weak to lightning, and I apparently fucked up some quest somewhere and don't have the right armor? gah! And I need to grind 2-3 more levels.

Parts of this game are really freakin' tedious. :/

Demonic Compendium: 83% at lvl 77 :/ Also, I can't get 100% in one playthrough, as there are bosses you can only beat& fusions you can only get as law or chaos, so you have to play through it three times for the 100%

So, what this means is that I am currently at the place in every RPG where I end up quitting and never playing it again. The place where the next boss finishes the game, and I still have mini quests and leveling and demon grinding, etc to do. It's one of the reasons my amazing journey through SMT: Nocturne took multiple years. HAAAAH. I did finish it, though!
I still haven't finished a single Tales game besides that PsP mashup one, though. And that's kinda funny.

I guess I'm going to go level grind for a bit, work on quests and forging gear and whatever, and see if the urge to go do somthing like sew becomes stronger than my urge to beat this at least once. (You know I went through Devil Survivor twice!)
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