HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face


If we were to trade up my cute little 2002 red PT cruiser (I think we named it Kozi? I'm a bad car mom) for a hawt little 2010 green Mini Cooper Clubman, what would I name it? No one in MM wore green D:

Upsides: More power, can handle hills and the highway without having to pull out a cheerleading squad to encourage it, all the new technological marvels which have come in 8 years of carmaking, better gas milage, NEW TOY

Downsides: Half the carrying capacity (even as a clubman.. going from 64 cubic feet to like 32ish), the fear of messing up a new car, getting used to spedometer being in a retarded spot (RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DASH WTF)

We've been thinking about replacing the cruiser since it broke a few months ago, and we were initially looking at replacing it with a Minicooper Clubman S. That's the one with powah. Since the local dealership had EXACTLY what Matt wanted in a Camaro, though, we got that instead. Now.. there's a cute mini at a dealership in Arlington, so the cute car itch has flared up again. :X


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