HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Ahhh Crap!

I remembered for some reason that I had this gorgeous stretch poplin in goldenrod for somthing, but couldn't remember why. I thought "This will be perfect for Rita's under shirt!" The plan is to make an undershirt out of the goldenrod, and attach the sleeves to it so that they don't tug on the red part.


I didn't remember until later that the goldenrod stretch poplin is for...

Venture Bros. cosplay -..-

How on earth did I forget I was making this costume??? I even bought a black bodysuit and everything. Seriously people. I need to get my ass in gear, or this won't happen this year.

The worst part is... they don't have any mmore of the goldenrod stretch poplin at Jo Ann's, and I'm planing on using it for Rita regardless. I just have to hope there is enough for both costumes. I always buy estra.. so here's to hopefully being very thrifty with this fabric. I'll make a very short top, and I'll have to draft everything out of muslin or somthing first to be extra careful. GAAAHHH

I did pick up a great silky fabric for the sleeves, and the red bottomweight for the main jacket dress thing. I forgot to grab some black for the boot cover, but maybe I have some black bottomweight somewhere? Or somthing I can interface the hell out of. Probably. Maybe.. I'll have to look.

(I still plan to do wings for the monarch minion costume, but I haven't gone out to look for materials yet. I'm not looking forward to figuring out the logistics of large flimsy wings and crowds. I was tempted to buy more of that hideous soft poodle fur and doing Hank's monarch minion outfit from the wedding episode, though... that would be hilarious)
Tags: cosplay, monarch minion, rita, tales, venture bros


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