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We're apparently making costumes!

Ok, so I haven't started sewing anything yet. Given that the costume I'm going to be working with is red... and that seems to be my theme color I guess (?)... I probably won't have to buy fabric for this if there is enough leftover from the Arche pantzfest. I already cut out& basted the Arche pantzfest a while back, so whatever red I can find will be free for the new costume. Hopefully it'll be enough. It would be amazing if I could make this costume entirely out of remnants. Goodness knows it won't be a free costume, though. I had to go on an ebay shopping spree today to get stuff for it. I am also ashamed to say I had to go buy somthing off the Americal Apparel website, which I am not nearly trendy enough for.

So today I bought:
*White Leggings (From AA)- so I can hack them apart without having to go through the trouble of sewing more pants, which I hate.

*Goggles- I couldn't find the right goggles. I found some white frame/red lens round costume lenses that were made to look like the ones used in the TV room of the Burton Willy Wonka... but they had legs and not an elastic strap. Strangely, the rave/goth/cyberpunk ebay listings were no help, and I got a pair of inaccurate goggles with red lenses and silver frames from a biker store. I will modify them, and they will be great.

*Monocle- I can now say that I bought a monocle for a costume, and that it is accurate. HOW MANY OF YOU CAN SAY THE SAME?!?

*Red fingerless gloves- Do you have any idea how hard this one was? I didn't think it would be so hard. I refuse to make them, but I found a cheap pair for 5 bucks that was exactly what I wanted, and it only took 2 hours of searching through Chinese listings that failed at life.

*Wigs!- I hunted down two wigs on ebay today, too. This means two costumes I am commiting to! I am not hunting stuff for the second costume yet, though. Trying to find a pink/clear poker dealer's visor is prooving to be difficult.

I need to resist the urge to play SMT:Strange Journey all day and actually get sewing, though. I only need to make a few things for this costume. I plan on making an undershirt to include the puffy sleeves, and then a more structured sleeveless kimono-thing for the top.. then I have to make boot covers, and that should pretty much be it. Yay! I really hope I don't hate it when I'm done with it.

The character is Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia. I'm not too comfortable showing off the bit of thigh she has, so I'm probably going to modify the leggings a little. It'll cover the thigh, and keep the other legging from slipping down, and I doubt anyone will notice. I was thinking about just cutting that leg off at about hotpants level, but I'd have to wear tights underneath, then, to smooth out the thigh... We'll see what happens. I don't think that little bit of thigh is important if I get everything else looking good >..>

PS- Rita and Estellise aside, none of the other female tales characters wear clothing. It was easy to pick one from this game! hurr hurr
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