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HIDE your face

Back from Oklahoma!

We went to renew someone's driver's licence because the state of Texas can be a little rediculous and unwavering when it comes to papterwork requirements >..>

I picked up my copy of SMT: Strange Journey today. I called again, because damn it. I'm not going all the way over there to find out it still hasn't shown up yet.:/ They had it in stock, but when I got in, the employee said the other employees had been talking about me saying thing like "OMG that one lady has been calling every day now :/ " Well. Every day for the past three days because I received a call saying that it was in stock, and that I should come pick it up! Sheesh.

After reading about the soundtrack problems through a LJ community, I'll have to check out the OST and see if it works or not.. then fill out whatever I need to fill out to get it replaced.

I'm also very unhappy with my HEB right now. I feel like such a pain in the ass today, but they have a case full of ruined cheese and don't give a damn.

Some of the specialty cheese are either being stored in a freezer, or shipped in a truck that gets below 32 degrees. This makes the cheese... crunchy at room temp. It's like the cheese wedge is an oyster, and it cultivates tiny crunchy white pearls. It happens in every cheese that is sliced off a wedge and then wrapped in saran wrap and tagged. I tried to talk to someone about it today. It's depressing, because it's the Beemster and the Parrano's, and a few other wedge-cut cheeses. Good cheese. Tasty cheese. Cheese that should not be crunchy.

Am I getting so crotchety that I feel like complaining about cheese to random people? I feel like I should be allowed to expect quality for the types of cheeses they are trying to stock, and the prices they are charging. I don't want to come home with a wedge of fantastic cheese, take a bite, and realise there is a nugget of frozen crunchy swimming in a bubble of slime from where extra moisture has frozen, then thawed, destroying the cellular structure of the cheese. It's just not right to do that to good cheese.

The thing is.. it's not expired, so they don't care. I spoke with a stocker who genuinely wanted to help and agreed that the cheese should not have that consistancy. He said he wasn't even sure who to talk to about it, and said that deli could help. Deli blew me off. The lady was very curt, and said that they didn't have anything to do with it. They didn't cut it, they didn't handle it, and it wasn't Deli's problem. After that, I figured I could get my cashier to call over the grocery manager and chat with him a little on the way out, but she was too busy talking to her BFF about how BFF's baby daddy was a deadbeat. They were in a heated discussion about how to change the baby's name so that it wouldn't have baby daddy's name anymore when I just gave up and left.

Matt didn't have much to say about it other than "if it's not expired, they arn't going to care"

But it seems like somthing you should care about. If you have an inferior product on the shelves that you are ruining due to mishandling, it's just going to sit there until it expires, and then it's going to get thrown away. I'm not going to buy it if it's disgusting to bite into. No one else is either. It's been an ongoing problem with how they transport or store it. I don't even know. It could just be a problem with how it's handled in San Antonio before it's shipped out... but NO ONE CARES.

If you are interested about other flagrant displays of waste our groceries stores participate in, check out this blog. The premise initially disgusted me. It's about the freegan practice of dumpster diving for groceries. After hearing them out, though, it makes more and more sense...

In America, we thow away as much food as we consume. When you think about throwing away food, you think of things that are rotten, half eaten, refuse from restaurants, etc. But what Ms. Burtch here tackles in her blog is a little different. The waste of grocery stores. Stores that thow away perfectly good food because it's a week before expiration date, etc. Did you know that when a carton of eggs has a cracked egg in it, they throw away the whole carton? All of the other eggs could be perfectly fine, but they don't re-package as long as they are in date. They just toss it all out.


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