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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

It released yesterday. It should be in the stores today. Gamestop sucks. QQ.

I wanted to have it for the car trip tomorrow :( We're going to visit Matt's parents, and it's a 4 hour drive. (We also get to go stand in line at the DMV tomorrow, too, but that's a different story) I figured.. horribly long car trip.. new SMT game, match made in heaven!

I even finally beat Luminous Arc 2 yesterday! I didn't get the bonus shop unlocked, but I did ogle a lot of the witches at the hot springs, so I feel like I've done a pretty good job with this game :P New game + mode seems like fun since it saves your levels and items and affection levels and all that crap, but it took me way too long to beat this game. I'm not starting a new one. I was going to move on to the new SMT, but I'll have to pick something else for the car trip. Too bad my PsP has such a crap battery life. I think I could play Lumines forever.

In other news: The shift to days has been a little hard to get used to, because I don't like waking up early. We're getting there, though :) Things have been great. Without all his work-related stress, it's like we're dating all over again. Things have been fantastic. We went out for lunch today! And ran a few errands! Normal every day type stuff, but normally I run errands alone, and when we'd go out for lunch in the past, he was tired and ready to sleep. He would wake me up early so we could go out, and we'd both be tired, so after eating, we'd just come home. I'd try to wake up, and he'd get to bed. Today, we ran errands and came home, and we're just hanging out. Whoah! :O

I told him he'd better not get tired of me now that he gets to see me more often :P


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