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Matt starts days today

As I'm sure I told most of you, they've decided to eliminate Matt's job. No more 24-hrs over there anymore! So, he's starting at a store in Hewitt today, working normal people hours.

It's kind of weird. I knew it would be a big change, but the things I thought would be hard to get used to are easy. It's really strange waking up and being alone in the house, though.
The way his schedule worked before always ensured that someone would be awake at any hour of the day. It also meant that he was always home when I woke up. The house feels kind of empty.

I've decided that the best thing to do would be to make a list of the things I want to get done for the day. That way, I can wake up, eat breakfast, and start cleaning, etc. instead of loafing around the house playing videogames until I lose track of time.

I didn't wake up early enough to make him a lunch today, but he's decided to go without for a few days to see what it's like over there. He actually gets time away from work for lunch. I'm a little dissappointed that it's not a full hour, though. If it was, he could come home and I could make him somthing to eat. He gets 30 min, though, which means that if he wanted to, he'd have time to grab somthing to eat in the store, or go out to one of the restaurants up/down Hewitt drive. There's a ton of stuff that way, so I'm not too worried. I do want to make him dinner when he gets home, though. I'm expecting him around 7:30ish, so I'll probably make somthing to be ready shortly after he walks in the door.

So far, I'm about halfway through my cleaning list. I've gotten all the "fun" stuff done that I can do quickly and easily. Now I have to do other unpleasant stuff, like wash the walls in the guest bathroom and fold laundry. Maybe I won't fold laundry, since I'm still running a load? :X

We'll see how long I can go on this sort of schedule. I hate having schedules I have to stick too, but I probably need somthing like this.

Another thought: With him gone during the day, and taking my car to work, I can't really run errands during the day :X Crud. I'm sure as hell not driving his car. That thing is terrifying.


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