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Labwork/ a recap of a year of exercise

I think I mentioned earlier, but I had my annual physical a while back. Because of my bad blood results last year, they've been checking it pretty regularly. I had a 2 month checkup where blood was drawn again, etcetc. All the bad things were lower, and it was good. It wasn't optimal, but things were going in the right direction.

As my habits kind of fell apart over the last half of the year, I was reall worried I was slipping backwards so far that I'd be under threat of medication again.

I've been struggling to get things back on track, and I think I'm getting there. I still kind of feel like I'm treading water right now, but I guess it's better than being back at my starting weight.


Lab results for this year are good! The troubling stat has always been my triglycerides. As I understand it, that's floating fat in your blood. Last year, before I started working out and dieting, they were at 362. That's in the category of "HIGH," or as I tended to think about it "HOLYFUCKSHIT FATTY!" After two months of rigerous dieting and exercize, I was able to bring them down to 248. I was still in the high category, but it was some major progress. The looming threat of medication was gone! My labs this year say my triglycerides are down to 174!! I'm down to the "borderline high" category. If I can get them below 150, I'll be within the normal range! :D My HDL/LDL looks good, and is within the normal range, as usual. My cholesterol is still in the borderline high category, but it's really just right over the line from normal. I'm still working on that, and that'll eventually get where I want it, I think.

But dude! Such a great triglycerides number! No matter how badly I think I'm doing, I can't refute solid numbers from labwork. My weight may be hovering and not going down like I want, but my food changes have definitely helped my overall health.


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