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Yet another strange dream... (This one's for you, Mako-chan)

I'm still really groggy and sluggish. It's funy how long it's taking me to wake up this time. I was basically staggering around and couldn't even remember where I put my coke. In any case.. while I was asleep, I had this really strange dream concerning me, Mako-chan (who was not justmy room-mate, but also mako-chan from SM. Really. At least, she looked exactly like her when she put on the buffet clothes... anyway...)
So we're in Japan. It's like some sort of a school trip. Actually, it was like we took a group of people from A-kon to all go to Japan together.. so we really wern't familiar with everyone that went.
(Weird point #1- Don't kill me Kiji. Akuma SHinzo, Little Bitch, and I went to a movie. I was cosplayign the MAd hatter from Angel sanctuary when I realized that I could very easily be Lucifer luscious in the same outfit, but without the heavy makeup. WE get to the theatre, and they're raffling off N-stink merchandise and a chance to get the new album before anybody else. Apparently Little bitch won, and when they tried to give him the CD, he didn't want it.. weird point I'll get killed over- The cover looked like Kijima's cover for the new Anti-Valentines album. Aiieee)In any case.. during hte bulk of the dream, Mako-chan and I decided to go to a Japanese buffet. I'd always wanted to go to one, and she agreed to tag alone b/c there was one nearby. In my dream, you sat at a hibachi-type table, and they brought various dishes out to you. It was a really classy place. In any case.. apparently, you had to change clothes for this place, and wear the buffet "uniform" It was really a very comfy outfit that consisted of navy blue kendo/shrine-type pants, and a cream to light-speia colored top with kanji on it. The top kinda looked like those PE uniform sweat-tops you see anime characters wearing.. but not really. It was also made out of some coarse materia, but was still really comfy. Oddly enough, they had clothes to fit even a westerner like me. (even though I hardly fit in the changing booth- it was too short) Unfortunately, when I was trying to change, I couldn't get the top on inthe booth, so I was standing next to it with the door "covering" me onthe side while I slipped the top on. This sumo wrester guy saw and suddenly fell in love with the both of us and started following along Mako-chan every where.. so we let him eat with us. Also, apparently this place sponsored a guest seiyuu cook every week. This week, it was some guy who had done a bit voice in Eva (I remember his initials being K.T... I had the name my dream gave him, but I can't remember it anymore. I think it was somthing like K...mori Tsu...somthing) He was being really loud while cooking the guest dish and was obviously thrilled to death to be there. He was proud of his part, but everytime he said who he was, I couldn't hear it right.. so I asked Mako-chan. He knew who he was, and was really happy.. but when she said the word "..." ("..." being the role he played) the word didn't make sense to me. It's an odd thing to try to describe.
In any case.. I made her explain it out, so that I would understand. (BEar with me.. I know this isn't an eva episode.. heh)
In my dream, there was this eva episode where someone that looked similar to Asuka wanted to be a nude model for artists, but was too shy to get naked. Apparently there was a well-known solution that the "villain" made up and told her to preform along with the guy that would be drawing her. Apparently the seiyuu that was the guest-cook played the part of the artist trying to get over the distraction of staring at a naked woman. And apparently he was like a victim-of-the-day type thing. In any case... the Asuka-like girl had to go to public places and undress completely (without getting caught) and the victim guy had to get used to it so that he could sketch her. It was really weird.
Anyways... Becca, the Sumo-guy, and I all ate and I was so happy for getting a chance to go to this buffet place. Mostly b/c I didn't think I'd make it to one while in Japan. Becca was dying to know who would be the guest chef the next week (and hoped it would be Gackt... which in the dream didn't seem that unreasonable, b/c the place hosted pop & rock stars there sometimes, too) and it was all very strange..but pretty cool, too ^..^
And that's about where I woke up. Really strange one....

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