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I'm thinking about getting a flikr account or somthing. Photobucket's tiny photos are making me sad. In fact, I think I'm going to set it up now just so that when I want to post crap, you guys don't have to deal with thumbnail-sized crap that photobucket says is full-sized!

While we were up in the DFW area visiting celine, we stopped by Ulta, and I found somthing I had to have. I wanted to share photos, which is what started the whole flikr thing.

Urban Decay teamed up with Disney and released an eye pallate with an Alice in Wonderland theme. While I've managed to avoid the hot topic frenzy surrounding this movie, I really loved the eye shadow colors in this collection, and had to get it :X I also learned that not all eye liner crayons are created equally, and just because it's in pencil/crayon form, it doesn't have to suck. The urban decay crayons are amazingly thick and creamy and don't crumble off or go one faintly. I was very impressed.

They had a few liquid liners in some great colors in the rest of the urban decay section. As much as I love thier colors, though, I have great difficulty justifying spending 18.00 on a small pot of liquid liner I'm only going to use occassionally, so I left that section successfully without buying anything else. I did find a huge bottle of my favorite shampoo, though, and a smoothing serum from the same line. Since I can't get those at home, I picked them up too. I only took photos of the Alice in Wonderland set, though :P

Oh, I also have a lot of photos of Senpu sleeping on the bag that grandma made me. He's tried to crawl into it a few times, but he doesn't really fit. sometimes we'll stand it up and hide treats in it for him because he enjoys the texture of the bag so much. I've used it a few times to bring things back and forth from people's houses, but when it's not being used, the cat claims it as a cat bed.


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