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A survey made with me in mind! (Well, maybe not.. but I fit into the right category..heh)

the usual


AIM (because dammit, if you actually listen we ARE buds): Kyo no Miko (Hell.. I'm Kyo no Miko everywhere)


first time you heard the show: 2nd or 3rd Show, I think

how often do you tune in: Every time I get a chance ^..^

favorite band we play: Dir en Grey

band we got you into: hmmm... Shai Hulud

would you listen to this show, if it were on actual radio?: hell, yeah!

randomness ensues

is the mic EVER at the right volume?: nope! Well.. maybe once... for a few seconds.. but it didn't last :P

what do you think of DJ Ninja Schmoe's techno remixes?: Uber-nifty

it wouldn't be the same if he did this thing by himself, would it? (he sure doesn't think so):
Nope.. becasue then, when he started laughing.. he'd be laughing for no apparent reason. At least this way, we know he's not talking to himself :P

which rules more?!

which has the better soundtrack, Cowboy Bebop, Furi Kuri or Kare kano?: FLCL!

Former Baiser or latter Baiser?: Um.. Former

old SHAZNA or new SHAZNA?: None of the Above :P

old Poison the Well or new Poison the Well?: Haven't heard enough to know which is older or newer

Dir en grey or La:Sadies?(no I can't decide either):Both!

doggy dogs or mushroom hunting?: 'shrooms

which Kamen Rider has the better remix, Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider X or Skyrider??: umm... X?

"37564" or -187-?: 37564

old Aliene Ma'riage or "21st century" Aliene Ma'riage?: meep.. old, I guess

yes or no section

DJ Ninja Schmoe should berate fangirls more: YES

stop playing that damn Kyouka song!!:nope

doesn't La'mule suck?:Kinda

hasn't Pierrot gotten incredibly good?:sure

more porncore Zilch!!:heh.. The new album should Kickass.. J on guitar...

Oblivion Dust rule the world!: No, but my magic 8 ball says that it is a possibility ^..^

get the narcoleptic some caffeine pills:damn skippy

shouldn't Chibi Kitty talk more?: Sure!

DJ ninja Schmoe needs to stop yelling at Tokio-chan on his show: Hmm.. probably

bands we play a whole lot!

favorite Velvet Eden song: -..-

favorite Poison the Well song: -..-**

favorite Baiser song: -..-****

favorite Anal Cunt song: ahhh -..-*

favorite Noir Fleurir song: -..-********
Can you tell I'm not good with song titles?

and now, the infamous yet never before seen SONG TITLE QUESTION!!!

which is the coolest song title:

Indecision- making people apologize for accusing you of things you actually did


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