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The cleaning bug and ebay

I'm still filled with the overwhelming urge to purge clutter, but the clutter in our house is so overwhelming it's hard to act on.

I try to pick a category of things i'm going to go through, and throw out as much as I can. The problem with a lot of the clutter at our house is the fact that a lot of it is collectible-type stuff that I don't want to toss. I think it's ok, because I'd be ok selling it. I don't have an attachment to things I'm not really into anymore, so I'm ok with selling things we arn't interested in. It's like.. not horribly bad hoarder behavior since I do throw things out and I don't have an irrational need to hang on to everything, but selling on ebay feels kind of overwhelming to me. Like, I don't really know where to start or how to handle shipping. I mean, I can't just charge 5 bucks to ship everything XD I was also kind of confused about the whole priority mail flat rate, thing, but I figured it out. I wasn't sure if you had to pay for the boxes on top of shipping, or what... but it looks like I can order them off the USPS website. They'll give them to me for free, and I just pay to have them shipped to the house. Then I can box stuff up as it sells, and take it to the post office! :O That seems easier.

The other major thing that kind of stresses me out about our clutter is some of Matt's stuff. I'm not going to tell him to get rid of anything he doesn't want to get rid of, but there are plenty of things he hasn't touched in over 5 years that I dont' think he'd miss, but I don't think he wants to toss. It's tricky.

It wouldn't be too bad to get things selling, make some more room in the house, and get a little extra cash in my checkbook, though.

Like srsly.. FFS, I don't need all this pokemon stuff or these beanie babies XD That was so 15 years ago


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