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Car problem resolution, getting scalped, and why our cars all smell funny

We solved the car problem. We just got a new one :P

We've been busy the past few days. Insanely busy for the two of us at least.

I woke up early on Tues for a doctor's appointment and some minor surgery. Over the holidays, when I had a ton of family here, a sebaceous cyst on my scalp got infected. I had to wait until company left to see a doc, but my head was seriously hurting by then, so I lanced it and drained it myself. Amazingly disgusting. Equal parts of amazing and disgusting. ANYWAY.. I went to the doctor for that, and (as I was anticipating), they couldn't remove it until the infection was gone, so I took a battery of antibiotics and waited a bit until I could go in... TUESDAY!

After the doc stuff, we went to go look at the new 2010 Camaro. We wanted to see if we liked it as much as we thought we would, etcetc. Also, chikin biscuit. Because damnit, I woke up early. I deserve a chikin biscuit!

We ended up really liking it, so we traded in the corvette. Yes, the corvette is gone. We'd had it for such a long time, it seemed really strange to be trading it in, but the new 2010 Camaro is very nice. It's a color called imperial blue. It's like a deep blue with glitter. I like it because it's shiny, but I'm terrified of driving it :P

So for the rest of the day, we had to run errands to get the rental ready to go back to the rental place. And then today we got to pick up my little car!

It had begun to take on an odd smell at the mechanic's. I hate that kind of vulcanized rubber auto parts smell, and it smells a little like that now.. but it runs so nicely!

I'm very happy to report that it didn't cost as much as I thought. The total I was given earlier included the tow/diagnostic fee, and I assumed it had not, so I thought it was going to be more than it was when I got there, but it was the exact ammount he stated. I think the guys we went to are good. They wern't sleezy, and they didnt' try to sell me piston-return springs or muffler bearings, or anything else like that.

So basically, we're both exhausted :P And I still have a ton of pics I want to post.


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