HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Welcome to 2010! The year of... shit breaking :/


Honestly, we've never had any problems with my car since we bought it back in '02, but we have noticed over the past few years it just doesn't like to start when it's cold out. We thought maybe it was time for a new battery. It was starting really slowly today, so Matt let it run for a little while. Did I mention it's super cold out? There's like.. ice on my sidewalk.

Anyway, after a few minutes. MY CAR STARTS SMOKING >:O


Now it won't start at all. It's Matt's work week, and we've got to go take it somewhere to figure out WTF is wrong with it, but since it won't start, we need to get it towed first.

And I gotta go pick up a rental. woot XP


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