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Post-holiday kitchen purge... start!

At this point, I can safely say the holidays are over for me. The house made it through in one piece, and I surprised myself with the ammount of cleaning I was able to do before and during having so many guests. It was a lot of fun, but now I'm ready for one last cleaning push and a little creative cooking to get rid of leftovers.

I realized today that we're pretty much out of clean forks, so dishes are a major priority.

The inventory of holiday food still sticking around is pretty amazing, but I have plans for most of it.

Leftover christmas ham is going into a few things:

Cheesy scalloped potatoes with ham
Ham/potato/egg/cheese scramble
sandwiches (ham& grilled cheese melt, ham& cheese with tomatoes and lettuce and crap.. etcetc)

I feel that is a satisfactory conclusion for ham.

New year's beef roast:

Beef pot pie!

We've already made french-dip sandwiches from some of the leftovers, and it was aweosme. My brother abandoned his claim on the leftover chunk of roast he was going to take home, so I plan on cubing a ton of it and making a beef pot pie from scratch. After making a turkey one, I feel really good about making a beef one.

Cookies! (Oh god!)

Mom somehow weasled out of taking a huge tin of my no-bake coconut balls, so I will be working my way through those. The treats she left up here are mostly gone. I've used a lot of self control and a lot of the chocolates are still here! Matt feels that someone was stingy with the fudge this year, so we battled a bit to see who would get the third piece XD He won. :X The other hand made truffles are awesome, and we've been working our way through those.

I unfortunately had to toss a bunch of the cookies I made with Tania. They were starting to get... weird....

Plus, I weighed myself and I totally gained like 5 lbs this past month XP I'm getting a workout partner back next Tues, though, so I'm excited about that. Matt is going to lift with me!

So between all the leftovers and cookies and whatnot, I've been looking towards a major kitchen purge sometime this week to eliminate temptations as I kick the diet back into gear. I took a rather generous fitness vacation over the holidays, but if I want to look awesome in July, I need to get back to work. It's really hard thinking about going back to watching things carefully, but I remember how easy it seemed when I got rolling. I just need to get started up again.


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