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Looks like a full house tomorrow...

We're having an impromptu family gathering for dinner tomorrow. I don't know if my youngest brother and his wife will be coming, but my mom, dad, and middle brother will all be here. It'll probably be the most of us all in one place at one time since.. well.. the youngest got married.

In classic fashion, I have been running around the house panicking and cleaning as much as I can. I've gotten so much done today!
From counters to bathrooms to even getting sheets on the pull-out bed in the couch, I've been super busy! Really, the only thing I felt I needed to get done was to fold& put away the laundry monster on the couch.

I've been cleaning straight since like 2:30, and I still haven't done that XD
But hey.. I learned some new things about my vaccum cleaner, and how important it is to find all the filters and clean them regularly! I've also emptied tons of trash, wrapped presents, cleaned counters, litter boxes, floors, walls, you name it. I'm feeling super productive, but I'm not really seeing that many results XD Oh well. It will all come together when the laundry monster is gone.

Right now, though, I'm feeling a little bit hungry. It's kind of dinner time, and I still haven't had lunch yet. I think I'll have some leftover christmas ham in a ham& cheese sandwich, with maybe a yogurt or somthing. Then, I can think about the laundry monster.


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