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I'm not that old yet!!

Today I just received a mailer for an assisted living community.

This marks the point in which my life will become hell :(



A few months ago I went to the doctor for a bladder infection. I wasn't able to talk to my regular doctor, but I saw someone else instead. This is probably unrelated, but who knows?
Anyway... Since then, I've been receiving occassional mailers for senior citizen.. topics.
I've received FAQs on medicare, offers for hearing aids, and a few fliers for seminars on senior health issues and other such stuff. It's all been from my insurance company, and only addressed to me.

Today I got somthing from an assisted living facility. It's the first thing I've received that hasn't had the insurance company's info on it.


I called the insurance people, and talked to 2 different people who had no idea what was going on, since my age and everything was correct in the computer. Apparently, there was some bogus name list they bought that had people who passed away over a century ago on it, and since then things have been kind of funny with the mailers. Or somthing? I'm not going to get started on how much I hate the "hey, we bought this list of names to mail junk to" thing. I already get enough mail from people like L.L. Bean, Crate& Barrel, etc, whom I've never purchased ANYTHING from, nor plan to purchase from.

But hey! Now these mailer guys want me to go live in a home! Sounds like fun! Maybe I'll get to go fight mummies!

Anyway -..- I called the assisted living place and asked them to work some sort of voodoo so that I won't get mail from them anymore, and the insurance people are going to do their best to stop things on thier end. Unfortunately, the woman I talked to said that since my name was out there already, I'm just going to continue to receive senior citizen spam.


It's not really a big deal, because I just shred it and toss it like everything else...
But it's not time for me to be getting old people mail yet :( I'm not even 30! That stuff can wait like.. 40 years. Or something. I don't know. :/ It's a huge waste of paper to try and get me to buy a hearing aid, srsly.


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