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::sigh:: One more time for us morons

The pictures...
Two of them are my cosplay. One of them is the really awesome hide cosplay. I had a funny anectdote about how we were talking on Fri and I suddenly realized Sat that I knew him from last year.. but I'm too tired& pissed to (re) relate it. In any case.. he was damn cool. I bet he breaks hearts all the time. His wife, wawa (pronounced yaya.. spelling may be off, though) was really really nice.. so it was impossible to hate her out of jealousy. I really don't have a strayign eye.. but damn.. this guy was both charismatic and damn good looking. We got to see him in fishnets and vinyl on Sat when he was cosplaying Sugizo. There were also: Emiru, Lucifer Luscious, Kaoru (Dir en grey), Izam, Ryutaro (Plastic Tree) and a Kazuki on top of my Kyo. I have lots of bitches about the con this year, but all in all, I got what I came for: Lots of con pictures.
I was really surprized at the fact that more people than just my room-mate and I realized that I was cosplaying Sarasa (as Tatara) from legend of Basara. If you don't know anything about this series, go to:
and check out the links listed under "Basara"
Hell.. I even ended up on A fan's View this year.. that didn't happen last year. Incidentally, all the pictures are from that site. I haven't gotten my other pictures up on the net yet.. so if you want to see more cosplay pictures (Including JunJun from LJ here) go to
and look at stuff under A-kon 2001. I don't think I have any pictures on my camera with me and Jess.. not fair.
Maybe more on the con later. ::grumble::


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