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So I think I mentioned I'm not a huge fan of Christmas?

Almost all my shopping is done. I don't shop for very many people from year to year, though. It's almost entirely close family that I know I'm going to see within 6 months of Christmas (And that's like, 1-2 people usually) and whatever freinds I've been hanging out with the most that year. I'll get somthing for someone else if I just happen to see somthing that I KNOW would be perfect for X freind, and I'll go out of my way to get it to them, but nothing has really grabbed me like that this year.

I really wanted to just buy Tania a bunch of Twilight stuff and a Girls Next Door bobblehead, but I figured I wouldn't make her hate me this year. Though, she probably would have liked the Kendra bobblehead, taken it to work, and had all her coworkers go WTF. Damn. Maybe I should go back and get it :P

I never know what to get for Matt's parents. They are both pretty hard to shop for. Matt's dad is the worst out of anyone any year. He seems perfectly happy to play some windows 95 edition of solitaire all day long, and never needs anything else. Because of his health, he can't go out camping and fishing, etc like he used to, but he enjoys spending time with the dogs. Last year, we gave them a flat screen computer monitor and some dog toys. I wonder if I should cop out with dog toys again this year. I was thinking maybe a set of his& hers plush spa-type bathrobes. I should be able to get a really nice pair of them, and have that be a really nice gift, right? >..< Most of the time, I'm the one shopping for them, and I haven't even known them as long as Matt!

My mom isn't usually too hard to shop for. I used to think she was, but every year I manage to find somthing that I think she'll like. Well, except for last year. Last year we just went shopping together and I stole a jacket she found and paid for it. It was totally a cop-out :P But I found and wrapped somthing this year!

Ray is getting a hand-me-down computer, but he seems really happy about it. He knows about everything in advance from us because Matt had been saying that if he decided to get a new computer, he'd give his old one to Ray. We think maybe the graphics card is starting to go out, but it's still a lot better than his current computer (which is also one of Matt's old computers)

Out of everyone, Matt is totally the worst, though. He told me what he wanted this year, changed his mind, bought the thing he was looking at, told me to get him somthing else, then started shopping for the thing he told me to go look at. It's maddening. I have a few retarded things I saw that I think he'll like. I do want to go out and get him one more small thing, though, since the things that I did get him are thinsg we will end up sharing. I want to try to get him at least one or two little things that will be just for him. He says his new computer is his present to himself. I guess my present to myself was stocking up on Prescriptives lip gloss XD ha ha.

I need to upload a bunch of pictures to show you guys. Retarded things the cat has done. Retarded things I have made, etc. You know. Stuff.

Mostly though, I'm ready to get back to the beginning of fall and the anticipation for Halloween :P Christmas stuff isn't as exciting for me. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE opening stuff. I don't care if it's for me or not. I just like unwrapping things! It's the shopping for everybody and dealing with crowds and all the horrible fucking christmas music everywhere. OH MY GOD. Don't even get me started on the christmas music. Everyone has to put out a special christmas CD, and it ALWAYS sucks. ALWAYS. I saw some Enya CD I hadn't seen before and bought it. Apparently it was last year's christmas CD and it's horrible. Sting put out a new album, but it's medieval christmas music, and it's also horrible. (He sings really low and really slowly.. it sounds like he's trying too hard, and I don't think the pitch suits him. It doesn't really sound like him much)

You know what? Someone can buy me horrible music this year. A certain tard keeps linking me Lady GaGa mashups, so maybe I need some Lady GaGa CDs. After all.. I can't get Poker Face out of my head now :(

BTW- it looks like niconico douga went nuts over Dissidia and I totally missed it. Some of the MAD videos have been leaking over to youtube. Yay!

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