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04 December 2009 @ 07:10 pm
After hearing (yesterday!) about prescriptives shutting down, I rushed out to Dillard's and tried to buy as much as I could. Almost everything is gone already, though. It's so bizzare. I bought the last two tubes of my favorite lip tint/balm, and two in two other colors I liked. I also bought one of the mini gloss sets, one of the last of my favorite gloss colors, and a bunch of small eyeshadow thingers. They gave me some freebies too, which I was very excited about.

Unfortunately, they'd sold through ALL the photochrome foundation in my color. That was depressing ;( That stuff was seriously the best foundation I've ever used, AND it photographs amazingly.

Even more exciting, though, was this little shoe store we went to in the mall. I bought some awesome shoes yesterday from room rack that I was pretty excited about. They're silver glitter zebra stripe ballet flats with a pointed toe. But even more amazing were the boots I bought today. You heard me. BOOTS!

They had some random collection of boots from china called "Cover girl plus shaft" for fatass legs. I have some cute boots that fit over my calves! OMG! Serious shopping happiness right there.
Current Mood: excitedexcited