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Holiday stuff

I've been kind of stressed about the holidays lately. I don't really consider myself the kind of person to get stressed over the holidays, but here we are.

A large part of it is because dad is coming up to visit for Thanksgiving. I'm really happy to have him up here, even though he won't stay the night. (He just... never stays the night... anywhere D: ) I've been stressing out over getting the house as clean as possible before he comes so that he doesn't think I'm some sort of slob or somthing. (I am, but hey...)

Senpu has been really itchy lately, and we thought maybe it was allergies, or he was getting his yearly fleas late or somthing. He always seems to get fleas every summer, despite the fact that we don't leave doors/windows open and he doesn't go outside. It's a mystery. I can only guess that they're coming inside from people or somthing.

Anyway... I checked him over, and he doesn't have any sort of bugs or evidence of parasites or anything like that. He just scratches so hard he gives himself scabs on his neck and chin. The skin doesn't look infected, and it doesn't look like he has ringworm or anything like that, so I haven't taken him to the vet. I haven't been having allergy problems at all, but I decided to spend a little extra time with the vaccum to see if I could cut down on whatever was making him itchy. It didn't really seem to work, so I dumped his litter out and scrubbed the box down in lysol, and that didn't seem to do much for him either. I've been scrubbing the walls, floors, etc, from room to room anyway for cat/holiday visitor reasons, so I'm hoping it'll clear up. He seems a little less itchy today at least. I don't think it's his food, because we've been feeding him a very high quality dry cat food for two years now, and it hasn't disagreed with him yet.

I still need to scrub down the kitchen a little better. My brother has been making an effort not to trash it as badly when he cooks, but cooking is still messy, and there's still a bit to scrub down from his last visit. After that, I need to get all the cosplay crap off the kitchen table so we can use it. Gotta find another chair for the table, too. I did floors last night, but I didn't mop. I may mop a little tonight if I'm feeling really ambitious, because heavens know it needs it.

I realized I hadn't really posted in a while, and I still haven't posted photos from any of my latest adventures, but I've been feeling a strange combination of stressed and lazy. It's going to be hard to get everything done when all I want to do is procrastinate.

We did get a lot of Christmas shopping done when Ray visited, though... I've knocked 2 1/2 people off the list! I need to go back to Best Buy later this week and see if the things Matt had on his list are back in stock. Every year, he's harder and harder to shop for :P
Ray got his birthday present super early, but I still have to find him somthing for Christmas.

BTW- Christmas time is the best time to get holiday gift sets of stuff you like already. Last year, I got these awesomely huge Bailey's mugs. A few years before that, we got some ice cream bowls that looked like they had huge Oreos on the bottom. I'm keeping my eyes out this year for other winner ceramic finds, for sure :P


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