HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Discontinued perfumes& fragrances

Anyone know a good place to find discontinued scents? Ebay and my google-fu are failing me.

I'm looking for a bottle of Index Tangerine Lychee by Fresh. I found a sampler of the stuff when I was cleaning out old makeup, etc, and found that not only do I like the way it smells.. it doesn't smell like bug spray on me!

It was in production in.. 2003! hurrrr. I'm a little late on the lateboat there.

Google-fu tells me it was a hot "it" scent for a while, and everyone wanted it. Whoah! Leave it to me to hop on the trendwagon years too late, huh? I found some ghetto looking site that had a bottle, so I did some research. The site is shopblueelephant.com, which is apparently the never-updated site for a real Austin brick-and-mortar boutique store. Of course, since the site is never updated, when I finally decided to check out, it was like "HAHAHA Sorry loser! Not in stock!"

So I guess the search for a nice perfume that doesn't reek of insecticide when I wear it continues on... :(


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