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Boys fail.

Don't do the crime if you can't pay the time!

I'm tired of these socially inept dorks that come to comment on some cool geeky thing I'm wearing, then shuffle off like I'm bothering them by replying!

The first time it happened was when we were up in Denver, and some dude was like "That's a good show" and pointed at my Venture Bros. Guild of Calamitous Intent hoodie. And I was like "Yeah, it's awesome! I joined the shirt club this year too." and by the time I finished that, he was already glancing sideways and skittering away.

Today I went grocery shopping wearing my super-awesome "3 keyboard cat Moon" shirt. Internet dorkiness at it's finest. It's the best of 3 Wolf Moon,(If you don't know about this, you have to read the top user review) but with keyboard cat!

Dude was like "wow, shouldn't your shirt have wolves on it? :/" I was like "No way. Keyboard cat is way cooler", and he stood there staring at my boobs and glowering the entire time he was checking out my groceries. So.. instead of standing there in akward silence (after all, he said somthing first) I tried to make conversation. I was like...
"You know, if you play Warcraft... they made a werewolf one that is pretty silly too"

I mean.. this dude had the total gamer beard thing going on, so I pegged him for someone who would at least know what warcraft is.

He just replied "I know >:(" (continued grumpy death stare at keyboard cat on left boob)

After that, I gave up. :/

I'm not trying to flirt with these kids. I'm not interested in them, they arn't interested in me, and I'm fine keeping it that way. That doesn't mean I can't have a freindly conversation with people! I mean, why give someone geek props and then get all grumpy when they reply to you? Real life isn't the internet, where you can just post-and-run on whoever you want. I mean, honestly... I don't give a shit if these people talk to me or not. I can say that human conversation enriches my life, and by making an effort to enjoy varied conversation, we're all the better for it. BUT! Why bother coming up to someone and saying somthing without wanting to talk at all? It's almost as bad as those creepy fanboy photogs at conventions that come up and say "nice costume" while staring at your tits, then shuffling off akwardsly without saying anything else.

I have a great time with some of the other cashiers at HEB... and I don't even consider myself a people person! I've been making a pointed effort these past few years to keep my head up more when I go out, smile and talk to people, etc. Hell, that one dude at Gamestop is pretty awesome because he guessing which game I'm picking up as I walk in the door and then we geek out about it :X That's people skills. D:

I bet the dude at Gamestop would have liked my keyboard cat shirt.

PS: I think I need to buy a ticket for A-kon this year T..T


Oh man.. I still have that Demon Kogure(in PJs) plush keychain around here somewhere.. XD


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