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New& Improved super happy busy time list of things of much doing

~Send out student loan payment BEFORE I leave (oops!)
~Applique for poodle skirt, then mail it. (scarf never got done, couldn't find the sheer I wanted to use for it. Made a ghetto hair tie though!)
~Hit up HEB for travel food
~Go to Petsmart for kitty food
~Shower. (I stink lawl)

I need to pack. That's it! whohoo!

I'm not posting photos of the skirt yet. I'll post when my mom has it, that way I don't ruin the surprise of what it looks like before she opens it :X

I still want to show you guys some of our other fair photos, and the licence plate we saw that said "VLDMRT" (the bumper sticker read "Republicans for Voldemort"), but I don't think I'lll get around to it until after the trip. Then I'll have denver pics! whooha!

I also checked the Weather Channel's 10 day forecast for Denver. It's apparently fucking cold there today (By Texas standads), but it'll be in the high 50's/low 60s our entire trip. It'll be pretty nice, I think. I'll be able to get away with a coat, my scarf, and some hoodies. I don't need to go into full winter lockdown of multiple layers of shirts, hoodies, coats, gloves, and scarves :P

FYI: That is not stoping me from bringing a lot of retarded Prinny hats with me. I'm just kind of sad it's not going to be freezing and snowing enough for me to wear my PRINNY HELMET.
Yes, I really bought, own, and have worn (maybe twice) this goofy looking hat.



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