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Super busy to do list time!


I slacked all week and didn't do a damned thing on that skirt. I HAVE TO FINISH IT TODAY D:
It's gotta go in the mail tomorrow. We are leaving tomorrow for Plano so we won't have a long trip to the airport thurs morning.

The fact that we are leaving tomorrow is blowing my mind right now, because I don't have anything prepared. I need to finish that skirt, make the petticoat, finish the hair tie, get the laundry done so we have clean clothes to take with us, find enough winter gear to stay warm in case it suddenly becomes freakishly cold up there, get in touch with the freind who will be watching the cat, clean the cat litter... make sure all the dishes are washed and there is no trash sitting around for roachfeast while we are gone..etcetc :/

omg.. I just remembered that tardo is almost out of food, too, so I have to go to Petsmart and get some cat food! I also need to take some Matt food with us. Maybe like some granola bars and pudding or somthing he can eat in the hotel room in the middle of the night. He won't think of bringing anything like that, and then he'll be miserable in the middle of the night when he can't sleep and he's hungry. That's why I have to think of it.

I need to make sure we bring enough various medications to last the trip, clean out my purse, read the airline luggage policy so we can try to get around having to check anything, etcetc. (Epic fail!) It looks like if we want to be able to shave, wash, AND wear makeup, we have to check a bag. Between the two of us, we can't fit everything we need in two tiny ziplocs and still comply to FAA regulations. I haven't been able to find out definitively if it's ok to bring a disposable razor. It looks like no razors? So whatever. We'll check our bags and I'll bring the bathroom bag and my makeup box, and everyone will be happy. Just gotta remember to bag the shit out of everything so if the shampoo explodes during the altitude changes, we won't have a mess

I forgot what a pain all that was. If I want to bring makeup/shampoo/etc, we may have to check a bag anyway D: crap!

I'm so not prepared for this. I've been slacking all week playing videogames and pretending I had more time than I really do.

And seriously.. if I don't get that skirt in the mail by TOMORROW, it won't arrive in time for halloween.


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