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Running out of time, but I'm too damned lazy

I was getting pretty excited about the poodle skirt project today, because I thought I was almost done. Then, I remembered I still had to make a petti! Gah!

I'm going to make one that's nicer than the ones I usually make for myself, so it will take a little extra time. Extra as in, It will take maybe 2 hours as opposed to 20 min.

I pretty much finished the skirt today, though. It just needed a waistband, closures& the poodle applique. I constructed the waistband and stitched the black sequins to the band, so it looks pretty nice. I haven't sewn closures onto it yet, though, because I need to measure the band and try to put the hooks in the right place. Maybe I'll go with snaps. I don't know. I bought some hooks, but now I'm thinking one of those really honkin' huge snaps might be fun, too.

I was going to start on the patch today, but I didn't have the stiffened felt I needed. I was kind of bummed about this, because I thought I had a full sheet of black, and some white leftover from when I made those CLAMP puffer fish patches. I know I used some more of it up with I made the big "B" patches for the Gema Gema Dan armbands. This was all years and years and years ago, but I thought I still had some of the sheets of felt left over. I only found part of a sheet of yellow, and a sheet of red. Boo!

Jo Ann's doesn't sell the stiffened felt, so I will need to go to Hobby Lobby later this week to get what I need.

I also managed to break 5 machine sharps on the stupid sequins before I managed to find my denim needles. I almost snapped one of those too. The waistband totally didn't do what I wanted it to :/ But, it's done now, and I think it looks ok. I need to remember to buy more sharps. >..<

I watched The Fall today. It's from the same dude who made The Cell. Sooooo.. I was expecting a totally mediocre story with absolutely stunning visuals. I pretty much got what I expected. I think the story here is better than The Cell, but the sound levels were all wrong. Everything was way too quiet. The solution to that was simple.. turn the volume up! But cranking it up did absolutely nothing for the main actress.. an 8 year old Romanian girl with a thick accent. I coudln't understand WTF she was saying almost all of the time. I kind of wish I'd turned the subtitles on. The fact that she spent most of her time blinking confusidly into the camera and saying "what?" really ruined the overall movie experience for me.

Overall, though, I was entertained. I guess that's all you can really ask for


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