HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

My part in this is finished

I finished the dress I've been working on for a freind. It doesn't have closures in the front, but I didn't feel like sewing buttonholes, so I'm leaving it to her to do the handstitching on the buttons/snaps/whatever. She's also making a petticoat and a white apron to go with it. It's an Alice in Wonderland costume in a grey tone. The accessories she is working on to go with this are very cool.

I can see this going well with a pair of white knee-highs and some shiny black mary janes, or maybe some black tights layered with red fishnets and some interesting shoes. She's got plans for the rest of it, but yay! I sewed somthing within the space of a week!

Next week: Poodle skirt of doom. Week after that, if I don't slack/suck: A costume for me!


I didn't feel like gathering the whole damned skirt, so I put in a few well-placed pleats. The ones in the back look really nice, I think.



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