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Trash can get!

Yay! It showed up by the house today. And it's bigger than the old one! Upgrade!

Matt called me and told me about it from work. We figured we ought to bring it up to the house immediately and hope that whoever stole our other one wasn't cruising for another one >..>
It's so gross out there right now, though. The weather is nice, but walking up to the house, it was like a carpet of fucking cockroaches/ I squashed one, but 4 others got away... And I know those fuckers are crawling all over and around and inside of the house.

No matter how much we spray, we can't get rid of them. I hate them so much T..T

There's been a large influx of geckos recently, and it seems like some of them are way bigger than usual, so I hope they're having fun with the roaches. We saw one in the house yesterday, and all I could think of when I saw it was "I hope you are earning your keep and eating a shitton of bugs"

I've been vaccuming almost obsessively lately. I can't get the stink of the house out of the house. It doesn't smell right to me. I can't really describe it. I've been trying to manage the cat hair in this house as long as we've had this little shit, and it seems like it doesn't really matter if I vaccum or not. There's always the same level of fur in the house.
Sometimes I find little tumbleweeds of fur and dead cockroaches in the corners. It is disgusting.


I need to go to Target tomorrow and find more juice for the spotbot. I may try to tackle a small part of the persian with it and see if it's safe to use to try to get the cat yak stains out of there. Why does he only throw up on the persian my parents gave us, and the entrance to the hallway? Dumbass cat...

In other news...

Apparently Diazinon was outlawed in the US in 2004! I was thinking about getting a bunch of Diazinon powder to put around the house by the trash can where I saw that huge congregation of roaches. Now I can't XD

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