HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Ok, so those drop candies?


I was expecting somthing savory, but they're sweetened, which makes it all kinds of wrong.
I would have been genuinely surprised if they tasted like the foods they were trying to mimic, but they don't. I haven't tried all three.

I tried the Mexican taco rice one... it tasted like super-sweet katsup.

The burger one had an indescribably horrible flavor.

I haven't worked up the courage to try the beef noodle one yet.

I have plenty left! Feel free to try one next time you see me! I will share!! D:

Oh god.. I scrubbed my tounge and even tried to cover the flavor up by eating other things, and I swear throughout the rest of the day yesterday, I could still taste Mexican Taco Rice sweet katsup crap on the back of my tounge. IT WAS HORRIBLE!

I'm so glad I bought them :X

In other exciting news, the Persona port to PsP came out yesterday. I picked it up today, and I'm about to start a file. It's a completely clean port with some graphical and interface improvements made on the main world map, more accurate translation, etc. They made a new animated opening that mimics the ones in P3&4. It's the little flash opener thing you see when you start the game up, before you hit the menu screen. I heard the reworked the soundtrack as well, but the reception was mixed. I never did beat Persona on PSX. I really really really really really hated Mary, and as soon as it seemed like the game was centering more around her, I lost interest. I'll have to see if things are any different now.


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