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DSL.. It's not just an internet connection anymore..heh

Well.. I *do* have a new "Baka/Popstar ni Narumon" comic finished.. Actually, nearly finished. Yu~ki din't coming out too well. I maygive it another try or two before I give up and scan it. Then.. I think my lines are a bit straighter this time.. so the pictures should be cleaner when I scan them in. Ultimately, inking it would be best, but I'm lazy and I've never really intended on making this a regular feature. Who knows.. maybe I'll end up making J-rock/anime and anime/anime cross over comics w/my free-time Heh.
In A-kon related news:
My pants came in. They're waaaay too big. That's the only thing I don't like about ordering off the net. They give measurements for ONE size (that's not mine..) and expect me to know which one I need. Knowing that all vinyl pants @Hot-topic are always 2-3 sizes smaller than what they say they are, I order mine 2 sizes larger than what would be comfortably baggy. When the pants come in, I'm able to pull them up without even unbuttoning them.. and then then realize that when I have somthing like 4 inches to spare.. they're just a little too big.. heh. So.. I need to send them back and get smaller ones. Not a problem.. 'cept even though I got the pants over a week ago, I knew that I wouldn't get the new ones in time for the convention. That's ok, though.. b/c I can wear the skirt from last year.....
Problem 2: My Ben Nye white cake-makeup was ordered a little while earlier than the pants. The place contacted us and said they were out, but would be able to send in two days. Not a problem.. except for the fact that it's been over a week since it was expected to arrive (even after the delay). Do I even bother with my mediocre Kyo cosplay this year, despite the fact that I now have a jacked and better shoes to use? I need to go have my haircut tomorrow so that I have bangs to use w/the Sarasa cosplay.. and I need to buy gauze for the Kyo cosplay if I decide to do it. I'm still really excited about everything, though. I just don't know if I ought to braid my hair tomorrow night and forget the J-rock cosplay.. or braid Fri. night as planned and go to the J-rock dance in sort-of-ok Kyo outfit. ::shruggs:: I know that the Sarasa cosplay will be damn near perfect, and that's what matters most for the hall cosplay (to me, at least..)
I'm also going to clear off the djicam and make sure it's ready for lots of picture-taking! wai! ^..^ I'm also trying to decide on what cels to bring with me to A-kon.. which ones I want to bring for autographs.. etc, etc.. I think Akuma shinzo's going to bring his Sabre J art book.. and I'm going to bring 1 Da Cider cel for sure.. I don't know what I'm going to put in the hands of my freinds for autographs, though. Probably one Akihabara Dennou Gumi cel for sure.. and either another one of those, or another da Cider cel. The close-up wont' be here, but I have another w/Lamuness in the shot. I'm thinking I only want to get an autograph on one of those Lamuness cels, though. Maybe 2 Akihabara cels.. one of Densuke (Patapi! wai!) or one of densuke+ main char, and perhaps my cel of one of the Divas.. >..< Meep!
Another thing.. I should really turn my homestead account into a cel gallery. Ah well.. Now that a convention's coming up this weekend and my Akuma Shinzo's off work, I'll be pretty busy until Tues.


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