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I love Halloween.. and electricity.. and antibiotics

I'm still working on catching up with home stuff. Between the electrical stuff and some recent medical stuff that's popped up, I haven't felt like cleaning or exercizing much the past few days.
I'm armed with a week's supply of antibiotics, though, so hopefully I'll be back on track soon. I'm just glad I was able to get in to the doc's same-day, or I would be someone's pain in the ass in the emergency room by now, no doubt.

My list of crap to do today is pretty short. Laundry, dishes, change sheets in guest bedroom.

I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to hit up Jo Ann's tonight. If I get supplies for mom's poodle skirt, I can get started on it and have it done pretty quickly. I need to see if I have enough stiffened felt at home to make the poodle patch, though.. and figure out how big the petti needs to be. It's super ghetto petti time! I'm good at those! I'm going to have to make one from scratch, because it doesn't look like any of the ones I have around here are the right length. Tulle is horribly itchy, but I don't think there's anything I can do about that, since I don't want to build a slip into the petti.

I already know how I'm going to do everything. I just need to go out and get materials. Surely I have a Jo Ann's coupon around here somewhere XP
The only think I haven't completely figured out is the poodle. The skirt is yellow, and I want a black dog and a black leash, but I want a visible collar, so I havent' decided if I'm going to do a multi-color cutout underneath the dog in a seperate color for the collar, or if I'll just put somthing over the dog. A cutout would make a lot of sense, but then the collar would end up white. I guess that's ok, but it seems boring to me. I'll figure somthing out. I probably don't want to make the patch until I can hold it up to the skirt and decide how big to make it, otherwise it'll end up huuuuge.

I also have to make my epic Venture Bros. costume for halloween

Also.. if Paper-wings.org is hosting an email address for you, please let me know if you are able to access it. I noticed last night it said somthing wacky about the server being down, and I guess I need to contact the host about it? I have no idea. We've been paying for the domain for like 5+ years now, and I'm never the person to contact them, so I am totally clueless there D:


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