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Post AFest Messfest

When I made it back to the house on Mon., I was feeling a little out of sorts in the house, mostly because it was so messy. I decided I needed to take some time this week (all week. hurr hurr) to clean up my sewing area, strip& re-dress the guest bed, and get caught up on essentials like trash, laundry, and dishes.

Even then, I really need to vaccum and tidy up... and I still need to unpack/hang all the costumes I wore at AnimeFEST. I don't see myself going to another convention until next year, so there's no need to have it sitting around everywhere. Before I go to another con, though, I really need to fix the Arshtat crown, take in the waist cincher again, and fix the Tellah collar. I also need to see what I can do about the wig.

The poor Tellah wig kind of melted. I was able to get it to stand back up again with a ton of hairspray, but I'll probably have to sew in some wefts at the top to cover the really exciting melted spot on the top. Knowing me, I'll forget about it and then wear it as is next time, and bitch about a melted spot later because I forgot to take care of it. Predictability FTW.

Matt really like the stuff I brought back for him, though.

On the diet front, I've been holding steady at 25 lbs lost, but I haven't lost any more recently. It's slowed down a bit as I've become less and less motivated. I decided to take a week off before & during the convention because I was really stressed out. Having to worry about strict food intake and exercize while I felt I really didn't have time to do it was an extra stressor. I know that exercize would have probably helped my stress levels, but I felt that I really just needed to devote all my time to sewing and not worry about what to eat.

I was determined to get back on top of the weights on Mon, but I was too exhausted. Yesterday was going to be the new weight day, but that's when we lost a leg of power. Damn.

I was getting a lot of house work done, and getting ready to run a load of dishes& laundry. Before I turned on anything, though, half of the house's power went out. The half with the A/C, the computer rooms, and the phone. We kept the refridgerator, the outside lights, and one of the bathroom lights -..-

I messed with breakers for a while and concluded it wasn't anything inside I knew anything about. I figured maybe somthing exciting blew up. Matt and I wandered around not really doing anything, but trying to find the problem for a while, then gave up and called an electrician. He didn't want to come out because he thought it was TXU's problem, and asked us to go ask our neighbors if they were having problems.

I got to meet some of our neighbors! hahaha (they were having no problems with power)

While we waited on electricians and the power company, etcetc, it because very hot in the house, and I refused to cook or exercize when it was over 80 degrees inside >:O

So yeah.. today is my new weight day, since we got power back just before 1 PM. The AC has been running it's ass off, and the house is now cool and happy again.

I still need to take care of the sheets in the guest bedroom, get dishes& laundry going, and clean the kitchen. While I was gone, though, Matt went all superhero and scrubbed the master bath sink& tub really well!! They look great!

Right now, I'm still waiting on the electricians to come back and give an estimate on the rewiring stuff we were planning on doing anyway. If they never come back, maybe they won't bill us for the "emergency visit"

Also: I am playing the shit out of Dissidia right now. I haven't really written up my thoughts on the game, but I can tell you it's pretty silly. It's also hard, and I'm bad at it. Even command mode. It makes me sad.


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