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Note to self

When deliriously tired and heat-setting the heat'n'bond on the synthetic brocade shirt you just spent the last 2-hours hand stitching, pay attention to the heat setting and use a cloth, FFS.

I melted a hole straight through the back of the shirt. uaaahhhhhgghghghghgh

It's ok, though. The shirt is under the coat >..<

I slapped a patch on there with some more heat'n'bond, then scribbled some gold doodlybobs around it with gold paint SO IT TOTALLY LOOKS ON PURPOSE.

My god, I'm tired.

Shirt done... to a point. I will have to re-use the red mage/cornelia jabot since I won't have time to make one with the yellow/purple stripes for Tellah.
Tags: cosplay, final fantasy, fun with irons, sewing, tellah

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