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Today's progress

I never posted pics of my eyebrows, and Tania was really upset about that, so here.

Today, I nearly finished the coat. YES.

I made the collar and sleeves, made the sleeves for the lining, and sewed the lining to the coat. It still needs to be hemmed at the bottom (The part of these long hems I hate the most), and the cuffs need to be done. The cuffs are kind of tricky, because the lining has a regularly sized sleeve, and the outer fashion fabric is longer and wider. The idea is to gather the outer sleeve, and baste it to the lining, then put a cuff over the top to hide the ugliness.

The sleeves were a bit of a pain because I ran out of fabric after the first one :/
I ended up just taking two remnants that would equal the right sleeve length, and sewing them together. After all, since the sleeve is going to be bunched and gathered, a wide horizontal seam in the middle around the elbow shouldn't be noticable at all.

I plan on gluing some really tacky gold trim around the outside of the collar, and maybe down the front. I don't know yet. I'd have to go buy more trim D:

I also started my gold wrestling belt today. I wanted a wide belt with a circular shape on top. The idea is to attach my tacky halloween light to the belt, and when I put my hands on it, I can look like a total dork, like the icon. LOOK! I'MA CASTIN' MAH SPELLZ!
The upside is that it would be attached to the belt, so when I'm not posing with it, I don't have to worry about shoving it in a pocket or anything.

Hell, maybe I can just wander around with a blinding light coming out of the general area of my crotch. That sounds pretty great.

Anyway.. Fans of FF4 won't even know WTF I'm supposed to be because I skewed so far from the source material, but at least I will be coated head-to-toe in glitter.

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