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Here she comes to save the day!

Saving my ass in the nick of time, and possibly being the only person I know in town with a sewing machine, Alisha swoops in with a cute little loaner machine!

I finally got all of the coat cut out and sewn together. Tomorrow, I'll trim back the shoulders (too wide), cut about 2 inches off each side of the front (Needs to hang open more, collar needs to start farther back, Everyone wins), cut the bottom hem straight, and make the sleeves.

I also need to rip up and re-sew one part of the back of the coat, and make the very hard decision as to whether or not I want to take out some of that heavy duty stabilizer I added to make sure the stripes would be straight when I cut the pattern out. I'm afraid if I rip out the stabilizer completely, the coat will hang funny. I kind of like the immobility around the torso, and I've already planned to take the stabilizer out of the sleeve parts completely... but the jacket shouldn't buckle when I'm walking like I'm wearing a posterboard dress. (I probably would have been A-ok with a much much thinner stabilizer, but I was afraid it wouldn't be strong enough to handle me abusing the fabric as I ironed/sewed/tugged at it.

I did make the lining today as well, and a small bit of it can be seen where I folded the front over. I'm not looking forward to sleeves on that, either, but it needs to be done.

If I can manage to get all that done tomorrow, that'll still give me two days to find the costume peices for all the other shit I'm supposed to be wearing, and possibly make a shirt and belt for this Tellah costume. If I don't get it done before the first wearing, I never get around to making it. That seems to be the rule around here.

I also can't decide if I should go with shoulderpads on this one, like I did for Mayuri and Gogo. Since I'm bringing both Gogo and Mayuri to this convention, I guess I'll worry about that when I get dressed.


I'm so incredibly stressed out trying to get all this stuff done, I've neglected my weights big time. My diet has suffered a little bit too, but I haven't just gone nuts and binged. Well, I did yesterday, but that was to help my hangover >..> At any rate.. I may just have to forget about the diet/exercize plan this week while I bust my ass getting this shit done. I really needed to get drunk and sing the other night, but it's set me back about a day and a half. My machine "breaking" (timing thrown off) didn't help at all either. I wish I had at LEAST another week or two to work on this. Even with the loaner machine, I'm not sure I can do it.

I'm trying not to set my expectations too high with this costume.
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