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It's still ongoing.

My lines are getting all caddywumpus because I cut them all by hand. If I'd had some magical machine that would make perfect straight strips of fabric, I think things would be going a lot more smoothly right now.

Unfortunately, that's not the case. After I made the stripes, I trimmed the edges as straight as I could, and they're still going crooked all over the place. I've managed to cut out 4 of the 7 coat parts very carefully so far, but i'm running out of yardage that's long enough and not crooked. I'm stuck with a good 3 yards that's just about 6 inches too short. I've decided to save that for the sleeves and collar, and hope I have enough scraps to make the last 3 coat panels.

I cut straight down on the waist and bust, so I'm hoping to cut a little more masculine form. It IS a women's coat pattern, though, so I think it'll still end up a little more form fitting than I'd like. At this point, though, it's too late to change things easily :P

I wish I'd gotten some other amazing idea into my head for this coat.. somthing easier and less labor intensive :P I just hope it's all worth it in the end. I can tell from my yardage that this coat will not turn out how I'd imagined in my head, but I think I can be happy with it.


PS. I really need a Dexter Avi. It would be one of those retarded moving ones, and it would be super dorky.

Rita: Dex, who are you talking to?
Dexter: IDK, My BFF Jimmy Smits?
Rita: ...

Totally dumb, but summs up what I thought of the third season (which was entertaining)

Also.. I finished my grandma's craft swap project like a month or so ago? And I keep forgetting to get a current address so I can mail it. :X
I got the world's stiffest iron-on stabilizer, too, so this coat will be like armor. You would probably hurt your hand knocking into it when it's finished. If I double or triple it up, though, I'm pretty sure the collar won't go anywhere... and I may just take the stabilizer out of the sleeves entirely.

I'm cutting out the lining peices as I go to make sure they're the same size as the coat panels. I haven't decided how much I'm going to line. I want to cut corners and just do the torso, and forget about the sleeves, but due to the nature of the fabric that I've cobbled together, it'll be damned messy in the sleeves without a lining. I don't know that I'll make poofy lining, though. I may just make a straight sleeve for the lining.. maybe crinkle up a little bit of tulle and shove it in between the layers to keep the sleeves open. I don't know. Sleeves are like the last thing I need to be worrying about right now. I need to focus on getting the rest of the body cut out and lined, then attach the collar.

All these days of working and griping, and I really don't have any pictures to show for it. When I do have a coat photo, it'll be so anti-climactic since it'll look smaller than that huge pile of yardage on the couch in the photos :P

I should also mention that I glued (with hairspray) a TON of purple glitter into the wig and beard. Coupled with the sheer ammount of brocades& satins in the costume, as well as the bells on the shoes... I think I will be dangerously loud and obnoxious to look at without even having to open my mouth. It's going to be great!
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