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Cough, hack, die, repeat.

I wish these bugs would die already. I feel sooo close to feeling better.. grrr. Yesterday I was truly slacker. I woke up at around 9, went back to sleep at noon, woke up at 5, went to sleep at 3. In between, what did I do? I can't remember. It was beautiful...heh. However.. the computer is being strange. We think it's the keyboard... You see, at first it was making strange noises.. and then the computer would start blipping. We replaced the fan. Things got better. Not it's blipping again, and we think it's because a key in the keyboard randomly get stuck and overloads the comp. Sooo.. considering how old the comp & mouse are, Akuma Shinzo and I are going to go out and replace them tomorrow. Hopefully then, I won't have to deal with that thing being weird. Until then, I'm at the mercy of battlenet.. becasue I can't get my regular DII Character off there :/ Oh well! I finished my Kakugo no Susume model kit a few days ago.. and I'm getting closer to getting finished with my Gatts kit. (from berserk) I need to stop by the hobby sop and buy some more Zap gel, though, otherwise it's going to stay in peices. The only thing I don't like about buying these HK kits is that you can never be sure of the quality. They're knock-off kits.. and cost considerably less than the Japanese ones. Most of the time, they're pretty high-quality resin and cut decently so all you have to do it make sure allthe peices fit together. This one, however, was cut really poorly, so I'm having to be really creative in trimming this one so the peices fit right. I think I'm going to be able to hide most of the gaps and problems with the kit.. but we'll have to see...The worst kit I got was a SD Sailor pluto& sailor neptune combo. The resin was just gross. I haven't finished it yet. We washed it really well, because the resin smelled horribly,and it was sticky to the touch and a gross yellow color. Washing it didn't help, and it was still sticky. I wanted to trim it, but i hated the way it felt in my hands, so we primed it first. It was still icky. I'm half-way thru with the Pluto figure. Oh yeah.. and that model kit was cut horribly. I ended up pretty much sculpting the kit myself w/an exacto-knife :/ blah


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