HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

CD Japan order in!

Oh man.. I'm going to have a totally cheesetastic B'z marathon all up in this shit.

Come on.. the track listing is epic (and I think it totally has all my favorite B'z songs, even though there's another collection out there that accompanied this one)

Continuing on with my odd music selection... I picked up a CD from ANGELA. At first, I thought it was just like.. Angela Aki or somthing, but it's a group. I heard some of their stuff on an internet radio station, and liked the anime songs they did. Someone made a Kaleido Star AMV with one song. It's a pretty song. I've never seen the show, but it looks like a really bizzare premise.

And hey! I don't have to feel like a creep for listening to the song for free on youtube all the time, because now I own a CD D:

I also pre-ordered the newest Versailles album, but it hasn't arrived yet. When I ordered all this together, I told it to ship the Versailles album seperately, since I wasn't sure if the release date would be affected by the recent tradgedy that struck the band.

Right now.. I'm procrastinating. I should be sewing. >..>
Tags: music


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