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Tellah: Done with the sea of pink

Ughh.. finally!
All the pink stripes are done. Next, I start on peicing together the purple chunks into long strips.. then cutting those in half, and sewing three together with a 1/2 inch allowance for the purple stripes.

I'm feeling so.. blah.. though, I may wait until tomorrow to start the purple. I've thought about making pants, because pants would make me feel better! The costume would be done from the waist down if I had pants :P But... I decided I'd finish up that pink once and for all.

Once all the stripes are done, I'll start alternating the pink& purple with gold cording between them. I hope 60 yards is enough. D:

I haven't given any thought to drafting the coat pattern yet. I'm going to use that one 6-panel coat pattern I've used for a bajillion things, and give it that big wacky collar. I haven't figured out how to make the collar stand up yet, though. Tania says tons and tons of interfacing. We'll see D:

I should really go out tomorrow and use that Jo Ann's voucher.. get about 4 yds of fusible interfacing, some trim, and maybe some muslin for the shirt mockup. We'll see how I feel.

I always feel kind of like crap when working on that pink upholstery fabric I made Norn out of. I think it's a reaction to the chemicals/dyes they treated that specific type with. It's a shame that's most of the pink in Tellah, but now I'm on to purple, so yay D:
Tags: cosplay, final fantasy, sewing, tellah


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