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Tellah Progress

The shoes are entirely wearable now. I haven't been out to buy trim yet, but I did glue a few rows of three different kinds of cording to them, so the loose ends of the fabric are sealed and covered. For the tops of the shoes, I decorated them with a star and a moon. They were very large metal buttons I bought a while back, and it seemed very appropriate.

While I built these shoes specifically to match with Tellah, I'm not too worried about how they'll look with Gogo, because Gogo is a mess anyway. That costume looks like a unicorn took a shit on a bad Aladdin cosplayer, so the shoes will work great!

I finally finished sewing all the blocks of pink into long strips. After I cut the fabric and blocked it out, I had to sew them together to form long strips. Then, I cut each each of the long strips in half, longways, so that I had two thinner long strips. I paired all those up together in groups of threes, and started to sew them together lengthwise last night. After I do that, they all need to be ironed so that the seam allowances behave.

Then, I get to start on the purple!!!

After I do that whole mess for the purple, I'll be able to take those wide patchwork strips and sew them together to make the yardage for my coat. It'll be alternating stripes of purple and pink, with gold metallic cording separating each one. I think it will look fantastic when I'm done. If it doesn't, it'll at least be visually confusing enough for most people to pretend they are impressed :P

I got some fabric in the mail yesterday from Tania, so I can finally make the pants. I may work on them soon so I can knock out another garment and procrastinate on the coat. I'm now realizing that the coat will take like a dozen spools of thread :P Since I don't care about color matching this, I'm actively using up spools of colors I don't need anymore. I really only keep black, white, red, gold, blue, and invisible on hand. All the extra orange, pink, teal, seafoam, etc is just taking up space. Used for one project and forgotten. I can use all that up now, make some more room in my thread organizer, and it'll be great!

It may be retarded, but I always feel so damned smug and accomplished when I've used up a spool of thread. I can't explain it.

Pictures of everything maybe tonight or tomorrow
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