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Too bad Photobucket is under maintenance

You get a cosplay.com link instead.

I got my Tellah wig in today. It is horrible. It looks nothing like the package. It's not the seller's fault.. it's just a really really really shitty wig. While I was trying to tease it and get it to stand up, I swear half the fibers fell out. It was such a disaster I left the house right away and went to BEAUTY MART or whatever it's called now and bought two bags of kinky braiding hair in white. It's made a huge difference!

I'm coloring the roots in purple and two shades of pink, and once everything is cut the way I want it, I'll probably color the tips a little too, to make the wig more exciting.

It's pretty exciting already though. TAKE A LOOK!

You cannot tear your eyes away from this amazingly silly wig!
Tags: cosplay, tellah

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