HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Proactiv wut?

For the last few days, the proactiv commercials have been seriously pissing me off. There was a VERY familiar piano riff in the background, and I couldn't remember the rest of the song for the life of me.

It was just a chunk, and then the background song deviated from the song I remembered.. so every time that blasted commercial would come on, I'd hear that bit of piano and the rest of the riff would play in my head, but I couldn't remember any of the rest of the damned song.

You can see where this would be a problem.
That one little piano riff got stuck in my head for days until I could get to the bottom of it.
For a while, I thought for sure it was some Don Henley song, but after checking the ones that came to mind, I was stumped. So, I just googled Proactiv song, and hit a ton of people wondering why the hell Proactiv hasn't been sued to hell and back by Bruce Hornsby yet.

Mystery solved! Maybe now, the blasted thing will get out of my head now.

So the next time you see that goddamned Proactiv green tea commercial, you too can wonder when they are going to get sued.



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